Editing pages

In order to edit an entire page, click on the topmost button in the little floating menu on the right. You can edit subsections of a page by clicking “Edit” button at the right bottom corner of each section. There are three modes you can enter the text in:

  1. WYSIWYG editor - by default.
  2. Wiki mark-up language. In order to switch to this mode click on “DW Edit” under the editor entry field. This will exit the editor (save changes as necessary!); when you re-enter editing mode, it will show the wiki mark-up representation of the text. Summary of the mark-up syntax is here. To return back to WYSIWYG, click on “CKG Edit”.
  3. HTML code for the page. Click on “Source” button on the WYSIWYG instrument panel.

If you want to play around with the editing, you can safely do this in the Playground page

Creating pages

Creating pages is a tiny bit convoluted. Open a page, hit the “Source” button, and type the name of the new page you want to create inside double square brackets.

This will create a link to the new page. When you follow the link, you'll get a warning, “!!! This topic has not yet been created”. The “create this page” button that the warning references is at the top of the right-hand margin of your browser, and it looks like a little square with a pencil on it.

[Not sure how to do this in WYSIWYG editor–easy to link to existing pages, not clear how to create new ones. - Idk, it works for me as described: just text inside double square brackets]

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