Session materials

Additional materials


  1. Preparatory stages of data analysis workflow
  2. Basic analysis methods (correlations, t-tests, linear regression)

Session 2 materials

The data set for this session is the same we used in the previous one.

Session 3 script

Articles on random effects

Day 3 - Data Visualization R file – **updated version posted 1/13/17 immediately after the session; fixed a bug in my merge() call, and added in some of our explorations of how to specify colors and shape sizes in your plots

Helpful references for ggplot code:

ggplot2 Cheat Sheet from RStudio folks

ggplot2 documentation website (useful to search for a specific geom or feature)

Accidental aRt – Fun art made accidentally in ggplot!

We will discuss some or all of the following topics:

  • Mixed effects models:
    • Model building
    • Reporting your results
    • Model diagnostics/checks
  • Tables – how to make them pretty(er)
  • Other possible topics, based on time/interest:
    • Debugging strategies
    • Moving away from for-loops