Some ideas we brainstormed… feel free to add your own!

Get exercise:

  • Run! Training for a race can be a fun and rewarding project.
  • Do yoga
  • Work out

Particular activities:

  • Crossword puzzles with friends
  • Colouring for grown-ups
  • Single-tasking
  • Or multi-tasking!

Managing work:

  • Establish a regular routine and don't take work home. Schedule a time for arriving and leaving.
  • Always remember laptop chargers (so you can do work when you planned to)
  • Make lists for getting things done
  • Turn grading (or other non-fun tasks) into a social activity with friends who also have grading to do (enjoy a movie afterwards)
  • Don't be available 100% of the time (no need to respond to emails just before bed or first thing when you wake up)